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Arbor Vitae

Words by Robin Walter

Drawings by Juliet Wimhurst

Arbor Vitae - Tree of Life - is a poetic version of Living With Trees with 12 accompanying drawings.


The free verse traces our origins in the wildwood, how we lost our home in nature, how trees cling on despite all, and how we might find our way 'back into nature's lap'.

Originally printed in square format 210x210mm (see below)

Now also printed in A5 format, one of a set with Invocation and cleave.

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AV pages.jpg
AV title page.png

Square version

Evolving the Forest

Arbor Vitae was first published in this anthology under its original title #LivingWithTrees.

Published by, with a foreword by Sir Harry Studholme, Evolving the Forest is a book with a wide array of voices celebrating the past and future of our trees, woods and forests. Contributions are from artists, scientists, policy-makers, foresters, NGOs, historians, philosophers and others, curated into three sections: ecology and forest management, creative responses, and philosophy & polemic.

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