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noun. a fruit consisting of a fleshy enlarged receptacle and a tough central core containing the seeds, e.g. an apple, pear, or quince. 

from my collection cleave :

first published in Tears in the Fence 


billowing blossoms met with marble slabs

harmony chants deflect off blinding glass

creative foment kettled by riot shields

no purchase on the oilslick suits


a voice from the tempest whispers

‘there is only despair

in the world we create’


so let this erotic edifice erode

let metamorphosis commence


we do not know how this will end

what metamorph will emerge

winged or

clawed or

glistening quartz

from my collection dwell :

first published in Tears in the Fence 



my pot is crocked

long broken jug

every day smashed

hard edged shards strewn haphazard

cannot contain a thing

forever fissure kid

compelled to fix

what cannot be fixed


stark facts jab

awkward necessities poke

the silver threads turn

to rigid needles

stabbing sprawling flesh


welcome furry friend

come blur the sharp distinction

come hold me in your fuzzy arms

embrace me now entire

my luscious michelin mother

come unbroken bottle let us drink

to celebrate wholehearted

this unwholesome





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