Talks, Walks & Events

Past Events

Done              20/07/19   Seed Festival, Hawkwood, Stroud         

Done             05/03/20   Fernhurst Horticultural Society, Surrey

Delay           30/04/20   Book Launch, Planet Shaftesbury

2021             09/05/20   Wimborne Literary Festival

Cancel         16/05/20   Select Arts Festival, Nailsworth

Video             17/05/20   Nature Unwrapped, King’s Place, London

Video             24/05/20   Urban Tree Festival, Dulwich

2021             05/07/20   Timber Festival, National Forest, Leicestershire

2021             10/07/20   Resurgence Summer Camp, Worcestershire

2021      14/11/20   Reading The Land, Shaftesbury Book Festival

Forthcoming Events

2021 (some are possible dates awaiting confirmation!)

15-23 May   Urban Tree Festival, London

May  ?          Wimborne Literary Festival

May  ?         Select Arts Festival, Nailsworth

2-4 Jul         Timber Festival, National Forest, Leicestershire

2-4 Jul         Resurgence Summer Camp, Worcestershire

30th Sep     Shute Festival, East Devon 

13 Oct         Mere Gardening Club in association with Mere Literary Festival

12-14 Nov   Reading The Land, Shaftesbury Book Festival

7-13 Nov     Bridlit Festival

16 Dec        Tisbury Natural History Society

Jan 2022     Dorset Wildlife Trust - Sherborne Branch

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