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Book References & Weblinks


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Weblinks (as of Spring 2020)

Agroforestry in Europe

Ancient Tree Forum

Ancient Tree Inventory

Biofuelwatch re biomass  

Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project

Centre for Alternative Technology – Zero Carbon Britain

CITU homes

Committee on Climate Change

Common Ground

Community Wood Recycling

Community Woodland in Wales / Llais y Goedwig

Community Woodlands (England)

Community Woodlands Association (Scotland)




Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA),

Forest Research

Forest Research

Forest Research

Forest School Association

Forest Stewardship Council

Forestry Commission - Chalara ash dieback

Forestry Commission - Tree Diseases -

Forestry Commission – Tree Pests & Diseases -

Forestry Commission - Tree Pests

Forestry Commission – Urban Forestry

Forestry Commission

Forestry Commission Public Opinion of Forestry 2019

Forestry England

Foundry Wood in Leamington Spa

Friends of the Earth – Double UK tree cover

Greenspace Design for Health and Well-being

Grown in Britain


Independent Panel on Forestry Final Report


Knepp – Rewilding

London Air Quality

Making Local Woods Work

Monbiot – Rewilding

myForest Woodland Management website

National Forest Inventory

National Tree Safety Group

Natural Resources Wales

Northern Ireland Forest Service

Opportunity Mapping

Organic Research Centre

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

Raworth – Doughnut Economics

Rewilding Britain

Royal Forestry Society

Scottish Forestry

Small Woods Association

Soil Association – Agroforestry

Suzanne Simard (2016) TED Talk on 'How Trees Talk To Each Other' (Mycorrhizae)

Sylva Foundation

The Wild Network, Rewilding Childhood

The Wildlife Trusts Living Landscape

Tree ecosystem services

Tree Wardens

Trees For Cities

Trees for Life (Scotland)

Trillion Trees

UK Forestry Standard

UK Forestry Standard


Wakelyns Agroforestry

Wild Ennerdale

Wildlife Trusts

Woodland Potential Calculator

Woodland Trust - Nature Detectives

Woodland Trust – PAWS Restoration

Woodland Trust – Visiting Woods

Woodland Trust tree planting

Woodland Wildlife Toolkit


As a supplement to 'Living With Trees', here are all the reference materials and weblinks used in researching and writing the book.

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