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Reviews of Living With Trees

Review by Max Porter (author of 'Grief Is The Thing With Feathers)

Living With Trees by Robin Walter

‘I’d really like to ask some kindly philanthropist to buy a copy of this book for every household in the UK. Very important, beautifully produced, a bible of Common Ground’s research and ongoing progressive intent as regards wood, forestry, biodiversity and trees as community in this country.’ ~ Max

Max Porter wrote these kind words as he recommended LWT for the XR Rebel Library.

Review by Rik Pakenham in the Quarterly Journal of Forestry of the Royal Forestry Society (Jan 2022)

“The book’s great strength is that it is written by a forester, whose pragmatic, honest, insightful approach says it as it is.”

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Interview by Gary Cook in Resurgence Magazine (Jan 2022)

“Finding empathy with every standpoint is what helped Walter develop his unique arboreal nous and an open-minded realism that we need more of today.” 

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Review by Clive Thomas (Soil Association) in the journal of the Institute of Chartered Foresters (Winter 2021)

"Crikey, what huge breadth Robin Walter covers in the 200+ pages of his book, the latest contribution by Common Ground to helping its readers explore the relationship between people and the natural world."

You've gotta love a review that begins with "Crikey!"

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