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The F-Word

Can we let forests flourish, but still take a cut?

Forestry is often overlooked and misunderstood. Foresters themselves have been content to get on, beavering away in the forest without telling the stories of their woods and their work. So why do we need to know more about trees and forestry now? Because our lives have to change. The human world we have built is not sustainable, it is crumbling, and the natural world is dying. We urgently need to renew our relationship with nature, to work with nature, and trees are a great place to start.

We need more trees in more places – in gardens, parks, streets, hedges, fields, hillsides and uplands – and establishing a new generation of productive trees and forests is an important part of that vision. We have a century of experience planting and harvesting trees, with mistakes along the way, so perhaps we just need to learn the ecological and economic lessons and apply them to our new, more challenging situations. We need forestry that is fit for the future.